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Chakra Balance Energy Release - Heal Your Hurt

Course Description

Chakra Balance Energy Release teaches how stored and blocked emotion, trapped past hurt and self doubt can cause huge issues within our lives. Learn how to use meditative chakra balance and a combination of energy therapies to release blocked, trapped and negative energy and influence from your life. Release yourself from the past to awaken the loved and loving person you were always destined to be. This course is a new and multi-discipline approach, created by qualified and experienced holistic practitioners, and now available to you. Learn to open your energetic pathways and release all negativity and clear the blocks created by past emotional states which no longer serves you.  Create Chakra Balance. This course is designed to gently and safely remove all emotional blocks, clear trapped energies, and bring harmonious balance that allows yourself to love, be loved and begin your true life path.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is designed for anyone who is experiencing, or has experienced, emotional hurt, heartbreak or trauma. It is an excellent aid for anyone who wants to learn how to release trapped hurt, balance energies, align chakras and restore their bodily energy system. The course is also suitable for anyone who wishes to balance their chakras and learn guided meditation to ensure chakra alignment and optimal energetic health

What Will You Learn?

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Understand how emotions, heartache, grief and fear can be trapped within the body and cause ongoing health problemsUse 7 stages of guided meditation and visualization to release trapped negative emotion
Understand and use methods taught to heal the 7 chakras and restore the bodies natural energyLearn to clear past emotional hurt and pain through chakra balancing techniques
How to use 7 healing mantras and positive affirmations to clear negativity, pain and hurt while balancing chakrasLearn and use techniques to restore health, vitality and natural energy through balanced chakras.
How to use 7 crystalline vibrations for chakra alignmentLearn how to incorporate color therapy for healing and bringing balance to the chakras
Understand how to use 7 elements for opening and closing Sacred SpaceLearn the techniques for using 7 tones and notes for sound therapy and chakra energy alignment
Module 1Overview Of The Chakra Balance Energy Release Program.

Understand the 7 stage chakra balance and energy release system.  You will learn the methods and combinations that make this holistic healing modality so powerful.  We also explore our motivations and gain deeper insight into why you have arrived at this course, at this time and start to release the past to regain our future.

Unit 1Introduction to the 7 Stage Method And Structure  - Preview
Unit 2Discover Your True Motivations - Motivation Speed Dial
Module 2Understand the Impact Emotion Has Upon Our Energy - Subtle Bodies, Nadi and Chakras.

In this lecture we will:

  • Discover how trauma and emotion can become trapped within our body
  • Learn how trapped and stored negative emotions can impact chakra health
  • Examine the reasons for blockages in the energy system
  • Learn how you may be unaware of blocks that exist and impact you daily.
  • Understand that you may be fully aware of blocks but be scared or unwilling to release, and examine he reasons for this.


Unit 1How Does Emotion Impact Our Energy And Health
Unit 2The Human Energy System - Subtle Bodies, Nadis and Chakras
Unit 3The Major 7 Chakras Of The Body
Unit 4Heal Your Chakras To Heal Yourself
Module 3Scorpio Healing Technique - Sound/Music, Color and Vibration Therapies

In this module we start to explore the use of specific energy therapies.

Unit 1What Is Sound Healing and How Does Music Impact Healing?
Unit 2What Is Color Healing for Chakras and Emotions
Unit 3What Is Vibration Healing and How Do We Use Crystal Vibration Healing?
Module 4Preparing For Healing Using Shamanic Sacred Space and the 7 Elements

Before we begin the healing modules and begin our journey of energy release and balance we need to ensure we know how to prepare our space and ourselves.

Unit 1Preparing Your Healing Space (Part 1) - Setting up healing space
Unit 2Preparing Your Healing Space (Part 2) - Crystal Vibration Energy and Smudging
Unit 3Opening Sacred Healing Space - Calling to Archetypes - Shamanic Invocation
Unit 4Releasing Energies, Archetypes and Closing Sacred Space
Unit 5Maintaining Your Healing Space
Module 5Scorpio Healing - Stage 1 Muladhara The Root Chakra

The First Stage Of Healing

Muladhara The Root Chakra

Unit 1Scorpio Healing - Stage 1 - Muladhara The Root Chakra - Foundation Energy
Unit 2Opening Sacred Space
Unit 3HEALING -Stage 1- Muladhara Root Chakra - Grounding Balance Connecting & Release
Unit 4Closing Sacred Space
Module 6Scorpio Healing Stage 2 - Swadhisthana And Manipura Combination Therapies

Using Sound, Vibration and Color Therapies to heal and restore balance to Swadhisthana & Manipura Chakras using Combination Therapies

Unit 1Energies of Swadhisthana & Manipura
Unit 2Stage 2 - Swadhisthana & Manipura Chakra Healing Procedures
Unit 3HEALING A - Opening Sacred Space & Call to the 7 Elements
Unit 4HEALING B - Nature Healing & Mudras Agni and Varuna
Unit 5HEALING C - Sound Healing Chanting Chakra Cleansing Seed Syllables
Unit 6HEALING D - Color & Charged Intent Guided Meditation
Unit 7HEALING E1 - Crystal Vibration & Visualized Intent Svadhisthana
Unit 8HEALING E2 - Crystal Vibration & Visualized Intent Manipura
Unit 9HEALING F - Closing Sacred Space
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